Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday season!

Another year has gone by! I have updated the site a bit to make it more easily navigable–the art and comics are now in galleries in the top menu and I’ve picked the comics slider apart into separate banners again. I do have a new zine due to come out at the end of the month as well, so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks for sticking around! There will be some more changes to the site soon, so be on the lookout.

Commission: Family Cats


L to R: Boots, Jersey, Moth, Smokey (RIP), and Spooky

A long time ago, I was commissioned to draw the family cats for my mother-in-law to use on stationary. She commissioned me again to draw Spooky, an adopted feral who came to us last winter. 

Anyone who has been following me will recall a series of progressively worse happenings: my tablet drivers not working, Photoshop crashing repeatedly, and the inability to run most of my programs. The commission got put on hold.

In the meanwhile, Spooky gave birth to five kittens. One was adopted almost right away, but the other four stayed with us. We chose to adopt Moth initially, and then Jersey, picking them both up in July. Boots and Smokey were left with Spooky.

Then: my computer went through a mauling. It was an HP all-in-one and so if something happens to one part of the computer, it happens to the WHOLE computer. The monitor had gotten pushed and smashed into a water glass, which in turn spilled all over the dang thing. My mother-in-law covered the costs of the new computer, so to thank her, I finished the commission and did the four kittens still in the family.

So, in summation, we should all applaud my mother-in-law for not only being a generous soul, but also for enabling me to progress my career as an artist! She’s a fantastic person and I’m looking forward to seeing how she utilizes her stationary!

WEIRD CATS are out!!

Hey, guess what!! The new WEIRD CATS sketchzine is out! You can buy it on gumroad once again, for the low price of $2.99!

It’s got 35 pages of weird cat designs, comics, and weird cat-related activities. It’s more of a fun excerpt from a sketchbook, but I ended up having fun with it and made so much that I wanted to make it into a little minibook PDF. I had been working on it off and on since I got sick, and it was a small way to cheer myself up and get myself working on something creative again.

If you’ve been aching for more printable minizines, never fear! I will have a FREE printable out by the end of this week (:O!!!) and another FREE printable out the week after that! I am working on a small, simple minizine for a swap (due tomorrow) and another that I thought might be good for anyone who wants to make their own minizine.

WEIRD CATS! $2.99 on gumroad!

Preview: WEIRD CATS zine!

Back at it again! The upcoming zine is cat-themed and it features comics, activities, and a HUGE amount of very strange cats!
I’m putting the book together now, but I am still occasionally stopping and drawing another page or two (hehehe). The end result is looking to be 30+ pages! Check out a few small snippets of the master copy: