Opening commissions!

I’m opening small batch commissions! I’ll be taking five at a time for icons!

Here’s some examples:

Challenge Die

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Icon for Andrew F. , showing a yellow challenge die.

You can check out the new commissions page for details on ordering and a link to my Terms of Service!


So, as some people know, my wife and I have entered into a polyamorous relationship with a fellow artist (you can see their work here). We wanted a new flag to reflect us (we really don’t like the current symbiology and don’t think it really reflects our pride and love for each other).

So, a brief rundown of the concept, as an excerpt from the twitter thread I made:

So! Please, feel free to utilize the flag if you feel it fits your dynamic better. For us, we wanted something that felt good to wear to show our pride in ourselves and each other.


Hello all!

I’ve submitted some work to the Ridgeside Art gallery for their Pretendium show. I’m very excited!!!

I was originally planning on mailing this off to my family in Rupert, but I ended up liking it so much that I thought it would be a good idea to submit it for the auction. It’s got a starting bid of $50, and hopefully someone will appreciate it enough to perhaps double the cost…

That aside, I will look at how much it is to make this into prints or postcards!