Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday season!

Another year has gone by! I have updated the site a bit to make it more easily navigable–the art and comics are now in galleries in the top menu and I’ve picked the comics slider apart into separate banners again. I do have a new zine due to come out at the end of the month as well, so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks for sticking around! There will be some more changes to the site soon, so be on the lookout.

Happy Holidays

Hey guys!

I’ve been pretty quiet this month on the blog, but I have a lot in the works to bring to the (public) table starting in 2018. I’ve been mostly posting on just Patreon this month, really.

In the meanwhile: please enjoy the holiday season, and here’s a Christmas playlist that I put together for my wife and I! I avoided a bunch of the samey-same junk that keeps getting cycled through retailer speakers, for my wife’s sanity and mine.

Weekly Round Up: Inktober Week 3


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I can’t believe I’m going to make it! 21 days down!!! I’ve officially beaten my past Inktober records, and I’m pretty confident that I’ll make it through.

In terms of updates: I have been seriously ill this week! Fevers, vomiting, that kind of stuff. At first I dismissed it as the usual, but it ended up being a serious bug and I had to chill for a day. I’m all caught up and feeling a lot better though! I was planning on releasing a mini this week, but because I spent most of the week out of it, I couldn’t finish the work on it and now I’m putting it off in favour of a project (mentioned in the Patreon). The project is super important to me!! 

See you next week!

Weekly Round Up: Inktober Week 2


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Hey all! I’ve been awfully busy this week with my full-time job (it will only get worse!), so I ended up posting the previous two days super late. I do assure you, though, they were DONE!!

Plans for next week:

  • A new MINI
  • More Inktobers (we’re HALFWAY DONE!)
  • A new Debris of Daily Life comic! That one will be out tomorrow πŸ˜‰

Keep an eye out!

New Stuff Today:

Hey, guys! I know I’ve been quiet on the downloadables lately, but I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes! Here’s a few things I’d like to share with everyone:

  1. I’ve added my Hourly Comics Day from this year to the site! I initially forgot to set it all up because at the time, Photoshop quit on me and the files got buried. I’ve found the files again, though, so we’re back up to speed!
  2. I’ve put up the rest of my January dailies from this year! I’m not sure if I will put up the rest of the dailies (I kept it up for roughly six months), but these are the ones that got buried along with the Hourly Comics from before.
  3. I’ve recently found out that I have much more social media than I thought! If you’re interested, I have:
    1. A Wysp Account
    2. A Weasyl Account
    3. and the new Facebook page is still a thing!
  4. A brand new credits page! On the Patreon, anyone who donates $30+ gets their name on the website and on any zine bigger than a mini. We’re welcoming EEL to the fold as my first $50 Patron!! Give them a hand, everyone!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I’m working on some minor things as well. There are cosmetic touches here and there that need to be done (we might hold off on that til I grind out some other stuff) and more secret stuff that I’m only sharing with my patrons. Very exciting stuff, truly!! But I don’t want to share unless it works out…

That said, keep watching those Inktober pics tick up! I’m doing pretty good this year!! I update the count on EVERY site! This site is the only one that gets a weekly roundup (keepin it nice and tidy, y’all).

Commission: Family Cats


L to R: Boots, Jersey, Moth, Smokey (RIP), and Spooky

A long time ago, I was commissioned to draw the family cats for my mother-in-law to use on stationary. She commissioned me again to draw Spooky, an adopted feral who came to us last winter. 

Anyone who has been following me will recall a series of progressively worse happenings: my tablet drivers not working, Photoshop crashing repeatedly, and the inability to run most of my programs. The commission got put on hold.

In the meanwhile, Spooky gave birth to five kittens. One was adopted almost right away, but the other four stayed with us. We chose to adopt Moth initially, and then Jersey, picking them both up in July. Boots and Smokey were left with Spooky.

Then: my computer went through a mauling. It was an HP all-in-one and so if something happens to one part of the computer, it happens to the WHOLE computer. The monitor had gotten pushed and smashed into a water glass, which in turn spilled all over the dang thing. My mother-in-law covered the costs of the new computer, so to thank her, I finished the commission and did the four kittens still in the family.

So, in summation, we should all applaud my mother-in-law for not only being a generous soul, but also for enabling me to progress my career as an artist! She’s a fantastic person and I’m looking forward to seeing how she utilizes her stationary!

Website Changes and New Zines Incoming

Hey all! My website is undergoing a transformation that may take a little bit, and I’m upgrading my website plan to make a better shopping experience for everyone!  I’ll also be trying to figure out the best approach for showing the zine pages because I have like…three different gallery plug ins and all of them are kind of fart-y in one way or another?

On the upside, I’ll be posting up a couple zines next week once I get everything scanned! One will be available only for patrons on my Patreon and the other will be another free download. In October, I’ll have another free and paid zine planned all ready! 

Last thing: I’ve finally updated my about page!! It’s got stuff! And a short list of things I’ve done in the past!

PATREON launch and KO-FI started!

I’ve started a Patreon to hopefully gain an income from what I make or people that support me!

I’ve sorted it into 5 tiers:

$1/month: Patron blog access and the ability to vote on what I’m working on next

$3/month: Access to monthly autobiographical comics

$5/month: All zines under $4.99 are free, as are all the printables for the free zines in the future

$30/month: Your name in the credits of my zines over 8 pages, and all my $10 zines and under are free

$50/month: A custom ATC sent in the mail to your address

I am also open for suggestions on offers and how to change things to accommodate more people who want to support my work. Lots of what I do is free online, so I hope that some people are able to show their support in this way. Of course, there is also an alternative if you aren’t interested in supporting me monthly!

I made a ko-fi, which is a little tip jar that lets you drop in money whenever you please.

Here are the links!


New Minizine: Postage Due #2

Have I got a thing for you!! Today’s minizine release is educational: how to address envelopes. You can click [ here ] to go and download the PDF and printable!

You can also read it online here!


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Okay, so I bet you’re wondering, “Why about addressing envelopes? Doesn’t everyone know how to do that?”

Well, no. Come back down to earth for a second: they don’t teach this stuff in school as often as they used to. A lot of kids rely more on email or text because of the convenience it offers, and it’s just something some people learn as they go. I did notice, though, that in my three years of working in the post office…people got creative. We also fielded questions from the front about how to address an envelope, so–why not? This serves as a great reminder for adults and a good basic guide for kids.

So, once again, you can download the minizine for FREE off of gumroad!

Preview: WEIRD CATS zine!

Back at it again! The upcoming zine is cat-themed and it features comics, activities, and a HUGE amount of very strange cats!
I’m putting the book together now, but I am still occasionally stopping and drawing another page or two (hehehe). The end result is looking to be 30+ pages! Check out a few small snippets of the master copy: