Weekly Round Up: Inktober Week 3


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I can’t believe I’m going to make it! 21 days down!!! I’ve officially beaten my past Inktober records, and I’m pretty confident that I’ll make it through.

In terms of updates: I have been seriously ill this week! Fevers, vomiting, that kind of stuff. At first I dismissed it as the usual, but it ended up being a serious bug and I had to chill for a day. I’m all caught up and feeling a lot better though! I was planning on releasing a mini this week, but because I spent most of the week out of it, I couldn’t finish the work on it and now I’m putting it off in favour of a project (mentioned in the Patreon). The project is super important to me!! 

See you next week!

Weekly Round Up: Inktober Week 2


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Hey all! I’ve been awfully busy this week with my full-time job (it will only get worse!), so I ended up posting the previous two days super late. I do assure you, though, they were DONE!!

Plans for next week:

  • A new MINI
  • More Inktobers (we’re HALFWAY DONE!)
  • A new Debris of Daily Life comic! That one will be out tomorrow πŸ˜‰

Keep an eye out!

Happy Inktober!

Happy Inktober to one and all! For those not in the know, Inktober is a month where many artists decide to challenge their inking skills. This’ll be my third year participating, and hopefully my first year finishing!

The theme for this year is Rowlet (my favourite Pokemon). Except for today, I’ll be doing weekly roundup posts on the blog to showcase the Inktober drawings. If you want to keep up, I’ll be actively updating:

I hope you all enjoy!