Casual Friday: Stylish Neksenzi Students Minizine

Hey all! I have a new zine that will be available exclusively to read here! It’s a limited edition of 1.  Casual Friday is dedicated to Jaimie’s webcomic, Miracles of Neksenzi Point. I’ve been following their comic for a long time and I am absolutely in love with the characters! Not just the characters, but the lore and the story-telling as well. There is so much to learn about such a meticulously crafted world–there’s even a few whole new languages being used!

Just click through the cut to read!

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New Free Minizine: Minizine Madness

Minizines are super easy and super fun to share, so I thought I’d share how quick and easy it can be to fold a single sheet of paper and get going. You can read it down below!


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If you’re interested in owning your own copy, you can download the PDF for free from gumroad. The printable version for you to practice folding (and, you know, owning a shipping-free version of this zine to pass around to your friends) is 50c.

If you’re interested in getting printables for free in the future, there is a $5 tier on my Patreon that unlocks all $5 and under zines for FREE as well as all printables for free! Not bad!

Alternatively, if you’re feeling generous and you’d like to support the zine machine, I also have a tip jar here!

New Minizine: Postage Due #2

Have I got a thing for you!! Today’s minizine release is educational: how to address envelopes. You can click [ here ] to go and download the PDF and printable!

You can also read it online here!


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Okay, so I bet you’re wondering, “Why about addressing envelopes? Doesn’t everyone know how to do that?”

Well, no. Come back down to earth for a second: they don’t teach this stuff in school as often as they used to. A lot of kids rely more on email or text because of the convenience it offers, and it’s just something some people learn as they go. I did notice, though, that in my three years of working in the post office…people got creative. We also fielded questions from the front about how to address an envelope, so–why not? This serves as a great reminder for adults and a good basic guide for kids.

So, once again, you can download the minizine for FREE off of gumroad!