I’ve been working on a lot of art lately but I’ve not been diligent enough to remember to post the stuff EVERYWHERE…

So here is a comic about encountering an older lady while at the Real Canadian Superstore (the selection is great though but I s2g people need to stop running into one another there)! I’m prone to finding people’s “kids these days” complaints funny, but Andrea just gets really mad…she was literally muttering to herself, “Don’t pick a fight with a lady at the grocery store…don’t pick a fight with a lady at the grocery store…

Also! My autobio comic is going full steam these days. I’m doing an hourly comics special there where I post two pages a day til it’s done. After that, I’ll post the whole thing here as well.

Commission: Family Cats


L to R: Boots, Jersey, Moth, Smokey (RIP), and Spooky

A long time ago, I was commissioned to draw the family cats for my mother-in-law to use on stationary. She commissioned me again to draw Spooky, an adopted feral who came to us last winter. 

Anyone who has been following me will recall a series of progressively worse happenings: my tablet drivers not working, Photoshop crashing repeatedly, and the inability to run most of my programs. The commission got put on hold.

In the meanwhile, Spooky gave birth to five kittens. One was adopted almost right away, but the other four stayed with us. We chose to adopt Moth initially, and then Jersey, picking them both up in July. Boots and Smokey were left with Spooky.

Then: my computer went through a mauling. It was an HP all-in-one and so if something happens to one part of the computer, it happens to the WHOLE computer. The monitor had gotten pushed and smashed into a water glass, which in turn spilled all over the dang thing. My mother-in-law covered the costs of the new computer, so to thank her, I finished the commission and did the four kittens still in the family.

So, in summation, we should all applaud my mother-in-law for not only being a generous soul, but also for enabling me to progress my career as an artist! She’s a fantastic person and I’m looking forward to seeing how she utilizes her stationary!

Vacation and Return

I went on vacation! A lot happened and I didn’t do a lot of art, but I did make a zine with Andrea and Alex:

This is, of course, a limited edition of 1! Hahahaha.

I’m back now and I’m still tweaking the website a bunch. I have no idea what I’m doing but hey! At some point maybe I’ll hire somebody to do it for me because DAMN it’d be worth it. Once I get my apartment back to livability, I’ll be scanning and uploading more art!