CLORINSPATS is also known as M. Moore. They’re a Filipino/Mexican queer who immigrated to Canada back in 2016 (although they’ve lived there since 2013). It’s still weird.

They dream of having lots of books under their name and realized that the most fun way to do that was by self-publishing lots of zines. Lots and lots of zines.

Clorin shares zines freely because they believe that it is in the spirit of free press to share information. They charge for zines in the spirit of paying rent and buying groceries.

You can support them on Patreon, Gumroad, or Ko-Fi.

What They’ve Done:

Debris of Daily Life, personal autobio, 2015-2017

Clorin’s Journey, short Pokemon gag comic, 2014

Treacherous Summits, Cover and Promotional Art, 2013  [promotional]

Pun Pony Comics and Character Design, 2012-2014

Album Art for Lancer (Homestuck vol.9), 2012

Cover and Content for Out of Season, 2011

Album Art for Serenade (Homestuck vol. 8), 2011

Album Art for Behind Our Eyes (Polyphonix Records), 2010 [art]

Formerly credited as CS Moore (short for Clorinspats Moore) or using their former blog (clorinart.tumblr.com).

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