Witchsona Week

It’s Witchsona Week! It officially starts in the last full week of January, so I made it just in time.

I like to think that I would be some sort of plant witch, obsessed with collecting normal things that I consider beautiful. I love to amass beautiful objects to look at–rocks, acorns, feathers, stamps, etc–and display them around me in different cycles so every collection can be cleaned and rest.

In terms of announcements: this year’s hourly comic day will be late! Usually, I like to do it no matter how busy I am, but on the actual day of February 1st…I will be driving! For eight hours or more! To our new home!!! It’s very exciting. I might make a comic out of the events (depends on how I am able to keep up with noting things down) since it will possibly be the most exciting thing I do all year, but I estimate that it won’t get posted until after the new internet gets hooked up (Either the 3rd or 6th).

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