New Stuff Today:

Hey, guys! I know I’ve been quiet on the downloadables lately, but I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes! Here’s a few things I’d like to share with everyone:

  1. I’ve added my Hourly Comics Day from this year to the site! I initially forgot to set it all up because at the time, Photoshop quit on me and the files got buried. I’ve found the files again, though, so we’re back up to speed!
  2. I’ve put up the rest of my January dailies from this year! I’m not sure if I will put up the rest of the dailies (I kept it up for roughly six months), but these are the ones that got buried along with the Hourly Comics from before.
  3. I’ve recently found out that I have much more social media than I thought! If you’re interested, I have:
    1. A Wysp Account
    2. A Weasyl Account
    3. and the new Facebook page is still a thing!
  4. A brand new credits page! On the Patreon, anyone who donates $30+ gets their name on the website and on any zine bigger than a mini. We’re welcoming EEL to the fold as my first $50 Patron!! Give them a hand, everyone!! 👏👏👏👏

I’m working on some minor things as well. There are cosmetic touches here and there that need to be done (we might hold off on that til I grind out some other stuff) and more secret stuff that I’m only sharing with my patrons. Very exciting stuff, truly!! But I don’t want to share unless it works out…

That said, keep watching those Inktober pics tick up! I’m doing pretty good this year!! I update the count on EVERY site! This site is the only one that gets a weekly roundup (keepin it nice and tidy, y’all).

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