Casual Friday: Stylish Neksenzi Students Minizine

Hey all! I have a new zine that will be available exclusively to read here! It’s a limited edition of 1.  Casual Friday is dedicated to Jaimie’s webcomic, Miracles of Neksenzi Point. I’ve been following their comic for a long time and I am absolutely in love with the characters! Not just the characters, but the lore and the story-telling as well. There is so much to learn about such a meticulously crafted world–there’s even a few whole new languages being used!

Just click through the cut to read!


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The exclusive minizine was made in response to Jaimie offering to screenprint me a free shirt (pics will be taken when it arrives, I promise!). I offered to pay, and us being best friends, they refused the payment. But I still gotta give as much as I receive, so I wanted them to have a special homage to their hard work!!

Jaimie has dedicated themself tirelessly to sharing this story with people, and I think you’d be missing out if you gave it a pass. Again, seriously, give their webcomic a perusal:

Miracles of Neksenzi Point


  1. omg I love it!!! I can’t wait to get the physical copy and the shirts are in progress! aaaaaa

    • yesss i’m so glad!!! way excited for you to get it PLUS those stickers
      plus i’m so freaking excited for the shirts, they’ll be effin RADICAL

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