New Free Minizine: Minizine Madness

Minizines are super easy and super fun to share, so I thought I’d share how quick and easy it can be to fold a single sheet of paper and get going. You can read it down below!


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If you’re interested in owning your own copy, you can download the PDF for free from gumroad. The printable version for you to practice folding (and, you know, owning a shipping-free version of this zine to pass around to your friends) is 50c.

If you’re interested in getting printables for free in the future, there is a $5 tier on my Patreon that unlocks all $5 and under zines for FREE as well as all printables for free! Not bad!

Alternatively, if you’re feeling generous and you’d like to support the zine machine, I also have a tip jar here!

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