PATREON launch and KO-FI started!

I’ve started a Patreon to hopefully gain an income from what I make or people that support me!

I’ve sorted it into 5 tiers:

$1/month: Patron blog access and the ability to vote on what I’m working on next

$3/month: Access to monthly autobiographical comics

$5/month: All zines under $4.99 are free, as are all the printables for the free zines in the future

$30/month: Your name in the credits of my zines over 8 pages, and all my $10 zines and under are free

$50/month: A custom ATC sent in the mail to your address

I am also open for suggestions on offers and how to change things to accommodate more people who want to support my work. Lots of what I do is free online, so I hope that some people are able to show their support in this way. Of course, there is also an alternative if you aren’t interested in supporting me monthly!

I made a ko-fi, which is a little tip jar that lets you drop in money whenever you please.

Here are the links!


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