Postage Due #1

That’s right, another minizine already! Actually, I purposefully waited to release this so there would be a gap between this and the next. I’m still trying to figure out InDesign to make PDFs! It turned out a lot better this time, enough so that I’m okay with releasing this copy.

Postage Due is an introductory minizine on snail mail! This little guy talks about why snail mail is so great and how one can get started doing it. The little 1 in the corner might clue you in on the fact that I’m planning on doing more later on. I think the next issue will be on the anatomy of the envelope (it’s kind of weird how little people know about addressing envelopes).

Here’s the zine and instructions on how to fold the printable!

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  1. I need this in my life!!!! I am so bad at snail mail! D:

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