WOW, what a gap! I can’t guarantee I’ll be posting regularly (note the “sporadic updates” in the brand-new banner), but I want to at least try for about once a week! I’ll also be posting a more life-update-y comic later on to talk about the comic itself and my goals regarding it.

ANYWAY: Recently, I read Fuan no Tane by Masaaki Nakayama. It’s a collection of very short horror stories that focuses more on the uncanny and grotesque side of horror. The drawings of the creatures are seriously masterful, and they kind of hit on a certain nerve that upsets me pretty deeply. Combine that with a tendency to see things in the state between waking and sleeping, and you have a recipe for some really unsettling visions!

I debated on how I was going to come back to presenting these comics. On the one hand, I love the look of the really nicely coloured comics! On the other, I like being able to share a comic that I just drew first thing in the morning to stave off my own anxiety. Maybe I will do a combination of both? Separate them? I don’t know yet.