Postage Due #1

That’s right, another minizine already! Actually, I purposefully waited to release this so there would be a gap between this and the next. I’m still trying to figure out InDesign to make PDFs! It turned out a lot better this time, enough so that I’m okay with releasing this copy.

Postage Due is an introductory minizine on snail mail! This little guy talks about why snail mail is so great and how one can get started doing it. The little 1 in the corner might clue you in on the fact that I’m planning on doing more later on. I think the next issue will be on the anatomy of the envelope (it’s kind of weird how little people know about addressing envelopes).

Here’s the zine and instructions on how to fold the printable!

Refreshing the Blog + Free Minizine

I’ve had a lot of time to think lately. This is still my personal blog, but I haven’t been putting it to very good use! Not to mention, I cringe every time I see what I’ve posted before. I’ve been laid up since April 26th (it’s June 12th now), suffering from an unknown illness that forced me to stop moving around so much and get some goddamned rest.

It was then that I looked back and realized that I haven’t had the energy to pursue what’s really important to me and I haven’t been doing any artwork (aside from those personal daily comics). Being sick realized that I had become overworked, overtired, and phenomenally depressed! Since 2015! Wowza! Not to say I wasn’t depressed before, but I’ve realized that working outside for 10-16 hours every day can kinda be killer for the mental health.

With two months of rest, I’ve been dying for something to do, and realized that there is an easy way to simultaneously practice art, produce a body of work, and feel like I did something:

ZINES! Little ones, mostly, with fun things to look at. Today, I share with everyone a minizine that I wrote with my wife, Andrea.

This is a FREE minizine that comes in a digital edition and a printable edition! I’m selling it on Gumroad for pay-what-you-want. I feel like trans resources like this should be free for people and if someone wants to throw a tip my way, all the better!

Of course, I’m still learning how to do this, so the shop I attached to the blog is not very pretty, and BOY do I have to relearn InDesign! I ended up putting the PDFs together in Word.

To fold the minizine, you can find directions here!

There will be more zines soon and I’ll be playing around with the blog’s layout, so please bear with me in the meanwhile!

[Download the zine]